Principal Investigator

Bin Wu

My research focuses on developing single molecule microscopy / spectroscopy methods to study molecular dynamics in live cells. We use single molecule fluorescence imaging to visualize the complex life of RNAs to understand the regulation of gene expression in space and time.

Current Members

Ana De La Cruz

Graduate Student, PMB
Graduate Student

Paul Huang

Graduate Student, BCMB

Fatemeh Jahanbakhsh, PhD

Research Specialist

Jiwoong Kwon, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mulin Li

Graduate Student, BCMB

Blake Nelson

Graduate Student, BCMB

Jan Rios

Graduate Student, BCMB

Garrett Tisdale

Graduate Student, PMB

Leslie Watkins

Graduate Student, BCMB

Emily Nakayama

Undergraduate Researcher, Biophysics

Juliana Taxter

Undergraduate Researcher, Molecular and Cell Biology

Marie Wei

Undergraduate Researcher, Molecular and Cellular Biology


Lauren Blake

Post-doctoral Researcher at Tufts University

Shuaixin He

Gene Editing Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Yang Liu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, University of Utah

Nathan Livingston

Investor at Coatue Management

Shaopeng Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow